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2018 custom drawstring bag design 9 major trends! (two)

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  • July 12, 2018

5. custom drawstring bagUse illustration as narrative

There is a story behind every custom drawstring bag design. We seek and cherish the stories that are closest to our hearts. The custom drawstring bag design has begun to incorporate narrative illustrations.

This style can take you to a fantasy world like Owen Davey for SmashMallow. The Elderbrook label ---- part of a complete brand identity - creates the same emotions and feelings as an immersive experience.

The illustration is returning to become an important weapon for the custom drawstring bag designer. The new year will bring meticulously crafted, informative illustrations that will remind us of stories we have forgotten long ago, or let us have a story behind the taste.

custom drawstring bag

6. Put it in the mail

Remember the joy of opening the courier and the letter? With the development of faster and more effective communication methods, this experience has become even more rare. The custom drawstring bag design will save the increasingly declining postal fashion.

       Kokomo uses custom-made stamps for their coffee blends to make the product feel more authentic. The Luxembourg pastry shop uses the custom drawstring bag of unusual food and biscuits to attract the attention of passers-by and let people see this nostalgic gift.

Traditional custom drawstring bags tend to hide the products inside the package, but modern designers are trying to overturn this model and display the product in a custom drawstring bag. Whether it's encouraging tactile interaction, mimicking the outline of a brand logo, or forming recognizable or humorous shapes, creating a window in the custom drawstring bag can display the product in a meaningful or clever way, allowing the user to stay and notice the custom drawstring The heart on the bag.

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