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What kind of flocking is the most suitable for custom velvet pouch?

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  • July 18, 2018

I don't know if you have ever understood, what fabrics are made of jewelry bags and mobile phone bags on the market? Custom velvet pouch often appears in daily life, cell phone pockets, jewelry bags, etc. What kind of flocking cloth are these custom velvet pouch? It was discovered through investigation and most of them are knitted flocking fabrics. Why do you prefer woven flocking cloth for jewelry bags and mobile phone bags? Let's take a look at the characteristics of knitted flocking fabrics by BoYang:

Custom velvet pouch Whether you want to make jewelry bags, mobile phone bags to choose a good flocking cloth, fabrics are soft and comfortable, bright colors, but also to prevent friction collision, it is best to choose knitted flocking cloth. The knitted flocking fabric feels smooth and the fabric is elastic, which can protect the accessories, mobile phones and other items from being damaged.
custom velvet pouch
Custom velvet pouch knitted flocking fabric is soft, moisture absorbing, wicking and warm, excellent elasticity, extensibility, smooth hand feeling, various colors, bold colors and rich suede. Knitted flocking cloth is mostly used in velvet bags, packaging boxes, jewelry boxes, glasses cases, watch boxes, display racks, gift boxes, and car interiors.

Custom velvet pouch, mobile phone bags, in fact, a lot of flannel is suitable, such as human cotton flocking cloth, mesh flocking cloth, double-faced velvet, etc., but the unique flexibility of knitted fabrics, can highlight the protection function, the price is moderate, it is a jewelry bag The preferred flocking cloth.

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