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What should I pay attention to in printing and design?

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  • July 20, 2018

Many merchants now pay attention to all aspects of detail in order to add a high-end feeling to the product. For example, shopping is more convenient, service is better, the box is more upscale, etc. Another way is to add a handbag outside the box. So what are the things that jewelry packaging bags need to pay attention to in printing and design?

The first point of jewelry packaging bags is to show the brand's LOGO, let people remember. The second point is to design according to the consumer population. In the design of jewelry packaging bags, we must design the convenience of consumers as the theme, around the habits of consumers, etc., only in line with the taste of consumption, in order to better sell products. Jewelry packaging bags is also a means for merchants to promote their own brands. In the design, the brand LOGO should be naturally integrated into the design, which is not abrupt and more beautiful and more convenient.


The design of the different consumer groups is different. If it is a jewelry packaging bag design for teenagers, it needs more fashion elements, more beautiful, more colorful colors, and will get more love; in the design of jewelry packaging bags for middle-aged people, it needs a simple The feeling of the atmosphere, not too many complicated elements to mix together, will give middle-aged consumers a feeling of unreliable.

Finally, jewelry packaging bags must be considered environmentally friendly when designing. To ensure that the tote bag is naturally degraded after being discarded, reducing the environmental impact. Only in this way can we design a good jewelry packaging bags.


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